Herbs Fair

Fira de les Herbes de PeratalladaThe traditional Fair Peratallada was converted from a 2004 solo exhibition dedicated to the world of herbs. The aim was to differentiate it from other fairs held in the area and provide a value-added proposition facing the visitor.

The City Council was considering the world of herbs is closely linked with the history, nature and traditions, aspects that fit perfectly with the type of image you want to project and Peratallada Forallac.

Through this exhibition aims to present a wide variety of herbs that exist and their wide range of applications, so the show has a distinctly educational and pedagogical. Visitors can find all day specialized craft stalls where they can buy all kinds of herbs (fresh and dried), medicinal plants and derivatives (sauces, breads, liquors. Parallel activities are also organized as workshops, xerrrades exhibitions.