The Coal Celebration

La Carbonera de Forallac

The Coal Forallac

The Coal has become over the years quite a feast for the Forallac neighbors and the rest of the region. What started at first to be a distinctly pedagogical activity and anthropology, while entertaining, has become one of the most unique festivities and cultural events in the town. Initially, however, this party was not popular in Forallac.

Its promoters were enterprising members of the Association of Friends Gavarres precursors preservation and appreciation of the heritage of the mountain, which in 1993 were encouraging excarboners both in plan and Louis Simon Cruanyes to light a Baulida coal farmhouse, Saint Sadurní the Ivy, the wayside Doctors. The experience created to people interested in living in the mountains Gavarres could see how charcoal was made not long ago, just when its operation was no longer profitable due to new forms power that were emerging. Also intended as a tribute to all those people with their work and sacrifice part of our collective history.

New arena
The setting of this successful event, which from the outset attracted numerous visitors, until it was changed in 1996 began to make Forallac the area known as the Sobellàs, Sant Climent de Peralta , one of the last of the solid charcoal. From the outset, those responsible for the organization of the coal has been the Association of Friends of the Falls of Pines, San Clemente and Santa Susana Peralta, who had the support of the City.

Stack ignites October, during the first and second week, and generally throughout these days there is always a coal miner day and night, which ensures that combustion is correct. The charcoal, however, spend a few hours alone. During the day many people come close and school groups, and at night there are quite friendly. Even some people decided to camp overnight along the stack. We must also say that there are those who fail to make an excuse for lunch and xefla in a natural setting.

These days, more organized parallel events linked with the spread of natural, heritage and human Gavarres massif. Everything these days Sobellàs becomes the epicenter of leisure and cultural activities of the town, and one of the busiest places in the region.


Medieval Fair

The history of Peratallada is closely linked to the medieval period. It is in this period when the first witnesses have written about the village. Some documents s. X mentioning the names of "Petra scissa" and "Petra cut. Peratallada Castle, around which remained sheltered population was the focus of the barony, which belonged to that lineage Peratallada documented from the eleventh century.

The kernel remembers this link to a vintage fair held annually the first weekend in October and takes the stage as the old streets and squares, where it is possible to grasp the essence of that period.

Comedians, jugglers, puppeteers, tells stories, characters and all kinds of time to revert to the village, which will recreate a medieval market. At the stops they can find all kinds of handmade products such as cheese, honey, herbs, bread, cakes, etc..

The commercial offer will be complemented by exhibitions of traditional crafts such as sclopetaria, baskets, spinning, among others. Simultaneously, they held a series of leisure and cultural activities open to participation from the audience.

Year after year, Peratallada is passed back to medieval times Peratallada barons.

Everything starts with the opening speech, followed by a Parade through streets and squares, medieval battles, music, theater performances and cobbled streets.

Herbs Fair

Fira de les Herbes de PeratalladaThe traditional Fair Peratallada was converted from a 2004 solo exhibition dedicated to the world of herbs. The aim was to differentiate it from other fairs held in the area and provide a value-added proposition facing the visitor.

The City Council was considering the world of herbs is closely linked with the history, nature and traditions, aspects that fit perfectly with the type of image you want to project and Peratallada Forallac.

Through this exhibition aims to present a wide variety of herbs that exist and their wide range of applications, so the show has a distinctly educational and pedagogical. Visitors can find all day specialized craft stalls where they can buy all kinds of herbs (fresh and dried), medicinal plants and derivatives (sauces, breads, liquors. Parallel activities are also organized as workshops, xerrrades exhibitions.